GALLERY: Out and about in Orange

Thursday, July 5, 2018

GALLERY: Out and about in Orange SHEAHAN: Hilary Eddy and Hugh McAtamney.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Ann and Alina Zborowski, Mick Swift.

CANOBOLAS: Zali Pettit, Natasha Spicer.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Paul , Sammie and Alison Warn, Sarah Leutton.

HEADSHAVE: Sam and Ron Bolton, Gavin Symons.

KINROSS; Karen McRae, Alison Soady, Acacia Hayes, Adelaide Schiemer and Jessica Brooking.

SHEAHAN: Liam McAnulty, Matthew Apostoloff, Jarmin Thornberry, Rick Phillips and Will Lyon.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Trish and Jara Lovecek.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Craig and Louise Fenemor.

CANOBOLAS: Sarah Manchester, Brooke Selmes.

TILSTON: Sam Coyte, Kate Maguire, Phil Tilston and Tegan Day.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Daren Vujovic, Remi Jullien.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Kye Sussmilch, Geoffrey Lockyer, Robin Thompson, Sophie Lockyer, Eric, Tess and Aaron Driver, Tala Sussmilch.

SHEAHAN: Carol Casido, Anneleise Basha, Polly McRae, Eliza Brettschneider, Meg Miller and Katrina Nash.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Chris King, Katherine McQuillan.

HARRIS FARM: Donna Murphy, Lyn Walker and Tracey Nairne.

HEADSHAVE: Emily Cole, Liam Hanley.

HEADSHAVE: Mel Bolton, Jack Birks, Carol O’Donnell, Daryl Waller.

KINROSS: Evan Shave, Anthony Johnstone, Juliet Kaberry and Stuart Jones.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Koininea Youse, Harrison, Ivy, River, Hayley and Lily Greer.

SHEAHAN: Islay Andrew, Meg Collis, Emily Graham and Annika Benjafield.

CANOBOLAS: Fergus Pogson, Alyssa Reid, Emily Merchant.

HEADSHAVE: Bec Fairgrieve, Beau McCann.

HEADSHAVE: Loti Ward, Reynee Ward, Jacqui Booker, Mel Bolton, Milly Sonter-Kelso, Demi Parry-Jones.

SHEAHAN: Sophie Fletcher, Emma Crean, Shannon Burridge and Natasha Hewitt.

TILSTON: Sean and Clarence Pleasance with Tegan Day.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Anthony Short, Mark Blanchard, Bruce Smith.

HEADSHAVE: Nick and Mel Bolton.

CANOBOLAS: Danielle Williams, Maddison Hunt, Tekia McLean.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Perri Hawke, Greg, Isaac, Liana and Renae Perry.

SHEAHAN: Beth Thompson and Maddi Riches.

TILSTON: Matt Spicer, Kathleen Johnson with Keri and Jon Windberg.

KINROSS: Kate Tarlington, Bianca Senior and Kate Russell.

HARRIS FARM: Sam Wright and Mitch Bennett.

HEADSHAVE: Gai Murphy, Mike and Cheryn Johnson, Hugh Corcoran, Leanne Front – Leanne Corcoran.

SHEAHAN: Yvana Pazin, Ali Beath, Sam Breen and Maddi Riches.

HEADSHAVE: Dylan Birks, Callum Harvey.

CANOBOLAS: Zoran Ilievski, Kaleb Taylor, Cody Astill, Will Christopherson, Nathan Neuenhaus, Aiden Kelly.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Mike Ryan, Ally Berry, Sarah McFetridge.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Pam Harrison, Debbie Lauritz.

TILSTON: Anthony and Leanna Corby with Suzi and Michael Parker.

SHEAHAN: Abbey Bell, Emily Barlow, Emma Curtin and Elise Clifford.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Leah Mansfield, Kate Hill.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Caro Sisley, Brenda Gray, Anita Craw.

CANOBOLAS: Emily Milne, Jack Lang, Gabrielle Landers, Brooke Selmes, Mitchel McDonald.

KINROSS: Ben King, Andrea Cuthell and Andrew Gray.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Rhian Ellis, Rachel Blanchard, Annette Short.

HONEY DRIPP”N MUD SKIPPERS: Tony Mansfield, Tammy Wilson, Lucy Bath, Kenneth Smith, Dave Walker, Jo Allen, Brett Farrow.

SHEAHAN: Mikaela Tilston, Kadasyn Byrnes, Beth Farren, Tarah Millgate, Wendy Ncube, Amy Blizzard, Montana Munday and Jaimee Hatton.

HARRIS FARM: Fiona Radawyetz, Andrew Deasey and Kellie Baker.

CANOBOLAS: Jesse Ivanoff, Connor Fitzsimmons, Taylor Jordan, Brad Roberts

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Corianne Martin, Nyassa Campbell.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Elle Johnson, Tess Hazzard, Hayley Norris, Blake Durak.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Maddison Curtin, Chloe and Liam Griffiths.

SHEAHAN: Sarah White, Kim Jones. Danielle Regan and Jarnae Rawson.

TILSTON: Devin Gilmore, Chris Tilston and Nic Gilmore.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Lucky Sussmilch, Froukje Werlemann, Chris, Patrick Driver.

CANOBOLAS: Mick, Mitchel and Belinda McDonald, Kelly, Bob and Maria Schmidtke, Tracy Hinton.

KINROSS; Karen Aitken, Leanna Hall, Julie Lockyer, Brendon Allen, Kelly Cole and Reita Holmes.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Selena, Nelvi, Wayne and Simon Livermore.

SHEAHAN: Andrew Eather, Cody Carman and Jeff Banks.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Catie Crisp, Elizabeth Kwa.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Ryan Whiley, Kiera Williams, Lachlan and Tanya Whiley.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Lizzy Whitehead, Regan Priest.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Coby Speechley, Jordan Miller, Malachi and Breanna Speechley, Noela Mills-Speechley.

HARRIS FARM: Rebecca Barker, Bailey Youngman, William Drayton and Blair Esposito.

SHEAHAN: Sarah Wright, Jarnae Rawson and Kim Jones.

CANOBOLAS: The 2014 Year 12 class.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: FRONTBrooklyn Devenish, Georgie Haydon, Laura King BACK Amelia Bland, Lauren Holdsworth, Anastasia Benton, Sarah King, Milly Benton.

TILSTON: Maree Masman, Matt Chippendale, Joe Throup and Sharon Tilston.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Lyn Crossing, Steph Burton, Frank Owen.

KINROSS: Lisa Job, Lincoln Job, Anthony Brown, Jason Wong and Adrian Hickey.

CINEMA UNDER THE STARS: Olivia Keniry, Charlotte Chamberlain, Chloe Smith, Belle Bennett.

CHAMBER MUSIC: Donna Riles, Deborah Kwa.

CANOBOLAS: Mick, Mitchel and McDonald.

CANOBOLAS: Lizzie Kilby, Michelle Williams, Binnie Gaiter.

SHEAHAN: Tom Fisher, Will Lyon, Will Baker, Joel Maguire and Jacob Griffith.

SHEAHAN: Joe Arthur, Matt Mustac, Jack Aumuller, Brandon Connolly, Stephen Khattar and Joey Stanford

SHEAHAN: Jasmine Braithwaite, Bronte Buesnell, Charlotte Jasprizza, Courtney Hayes, Hope Lawry, Maddi Gillette and Mahlia Redmond.

HARRIS FARM: Ahandi Rawat, Donalyn Thomsen and Rina Macwan.

SHEAHAN: Kayla Skelly, Kate Oliver and Emily Wright.

TILSTON: Pat and Val Tilston with Terry and Graham Tilston.

KINROSS: Stuart Jones, Simone Concha, Michelle Quinane and Matthew Brett.

HARRIS FARM: Donna Murphy, Annette and Frank Dante and Dean Brown.

KINROSS: Chelsea McMillan, Sarah McAllister and Jacinta Rutherford.

TILSTON: Daniel and Fiona Smith.

SHEAHAN: Andrew Borschtsch, Caleb Campbell, Matt Eyles and Sam Pappalardo.

TweetFacebookCENTRAL Western Dailyphotographers Steve Gosch and Mark Logan were busy on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday Jude was at the Chamber Music series at the Orange Regional Conservatorium, the headshave event at Waratahs, Honey Drippin’ Mad Skippers at the Gladstone Hotel, Cinema under the stars at the Botanic Gardens and the Canobolas Rural Technology High School Year 10 formal.

On Saturday Mark Logan was at the James Sheahan High School Year 12 graduation ball, Phillip Tilston’s 40th birthday party, the Harris Farm Christmas partyand Kinross Wolaroi’s 20-year reunion at the Orange Ex-Services Club.

If you would like your weekend party, event or function included in our ‘Out and about in Orange’ gallery, as well as published in theCentralWestern Daily, please ring Alex King on 63912914.

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