Brits want less govt interference

Thursday, February 21, 2019

BUTT OUT: Even vacuum cleaners are caught up in the UK’s over-governance.

IF YOU have been watching theInside the Commonsseries on ABC, you would have been intrigued by just how complex British law-making has become.

One particular segment caught my attention a week ago.

It showed a mother pleading with a delegate to the European Parliament. Her son had been killed while driving with second-hand tyres. Her answer? Go to Brussels and get the European Parliament to legislate tyre regulations. Of course Britons might suspect that tyre companies could be influencing this type of concern.

The British people are beginning to show that they object to the European Union interfering in their daily lives, and hence the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) which wants an independent Britain.The ruling Conservative Party is no fan of Brussels, but they fear that with the British elections under way, UKIP may siphon away valuable votes. Other British parties harbour similar fears. Interfering decisions by the bloated bureaucracy in Brussels inflates UKIP’s support.

A recent case is the new law regulating maximum power for gas and electric ovens. European bureaucrats in Brussels say their new rule will save about £32 ($62) per annum for the average household. Britons say it will take longer to cook the Sunday roast, and anyway they already have the star system as a guide. Best to have a European law in case British consumers make the wrong choice!

Brussels says that from January 1everything from smart television sets to coffee machines must have a standby mode. From last September powerful vacuum cleaners have been banned, and since the Australian market accepts products from Europe, sooner or later we will not be able to buy a decent vacuum cleaner, either. British households have pointed out that they want the vacuum cleaner to work quicker, not have the operator work longer.

Of course the list goes on. In today’s world we are all conscious of the need to save power, but saving time is important too. Little wonder that UKIP is threatening major parties, with many voters agreeing that Britain should withdraw from Europe.

Throughout the world, people are crying out for less government interference in their lives. I think that includes us in Australia, too.

– Keith Wheeler

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