Baby Expo a boomer

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Baby Expo a boomer Shea-Lee and Isabella Stanton.

Cathy Bundy and Patrick Peters.

Rachel Cootes and Oliver Raslan.

Taiga, Andy and Maki McNey.

Leanne and Levi Clarke.

James, Dorothy, Rosie and Romeo Smith.

Teliyah, Teagan and Tammie Fraser.

Kodie Whiting, April Ferguson and Kaycee and Jye Slabbekoorn.

Pat the SES Platypus with expo helper Shaylee Henry.

Jason, Cameron, Liam and Linda Townsend.

Bianca, Marlon and Dave Cannon.

Lucinda Nesbitt with Joey and Finn Banks.

Regina Knobel, Luke Mitchell, Anthony Knobel, Michelle Mitchell, Poppy Mitchell, Audrey Knobel and Hugo Mitchell.

Rosina, Lavina, Angus and Archie Priest.

Riley and Diane Boulton, Jasmin Symons, Coby Boulton and Stephanie Symons.

Chris and Patrick Peters.

Glenn, Dante and Tania Tester.

Olivia and Adata Chrzano.

Susie and Kiara Woolridge.

Leah Spiteri, Thomas Watson, Lina and Levi Torkington and Rebecca and Charlee-Rose Kilburn.

Rhonda, Gidjet, Tahj and Paul Dimmer.

Jennifer O’Brien and Kathryn and Liam Underwood.

Jo Jo Melville, Gilly Kearney and Kelwyn White.

Jodie Cotter with Zoxhlin and Kyrell Gardner.

Sarah, Kadyn and Olivia Macdonald.

Flora and Sarah Selby.

Norm and Neve Lenehan.

Scott and Alexis Carver.

Ruby, Bryce and Seth Hodgetts.

Kelly and Ethan Burden.

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